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Damien vocational training center


Damien Vocational Training Centre was established in the year 1974, by Late Fr. Lawrence J Hunt, S.J. in the campus of De Brito House, Gomoh, a unit of Damien Social Welfare Centre (DSWC), Dhanbad. It was taken further by Fr. Joe Lacey SJ.  At that time it was mainly for the children of leprosy patients teaching them wielding, carpentry, fitter, motor mechanic-driving, agriculture, plumbing, mason, tailoring, embroidery, and cane chairs and tables making. It helped many of our boys and girls to become bread winner in their family. Unfortunately as the time passed by because of various reasons the center started deteriorating and finally in 2009 this center had to be closed down. However, Fr. A Vijay Bhat, the Director of DSWC (1986-1995), in view of shifting Damien Vocational Training Centre (DVTC) from Gomoh to Dhanbad, had bought a piece of land at Kaladih close to Nirmala General & Leprosy Hospital, Govindpur.

Fr. Bipin Pani, in view of restarting the Training Centre, had restarted tailoring classes at Baramasia and Dhanbad. The year of Golden Jubilee of DSWC was particularly blessed, when Manos Undias agreed to fund the ground floor of the training center. Now DVTC has a spacious workshop, which is well equipped.  Students are prepared under the supervision of qualified instructors to appear in the All India Trade Test conducted by the National Council for Vocational Training, Ministry of Labour, Employment & Training, Government of India.

Philosophy: A commitment to apply innovative concepts to help our students and clients meet their needs and lessen their poverty in an accountable and efficient manner.

Vision: A journey with youth and adults towards self-empowerment, responsibility, and honesty in order to become agents of change in their community.

Motto:       Success through Skill

Mission Statement: To meet the academic, economical, social, spiritual, and psychological needs of youths and adults from the deprived section of the society especially the youth from leprosy background, while achieving sustainable development.

Main Objective: Main Objective of DVTC is to create job opportunities for the unskilled and semi skilled youth of the deprived section of the society.

DVTC is started in view of imparting and the upgrading the technical skills and knowledge of unskilled and semi-skilled youth from the disadvantage and poor section of the society.

To create employment opportunities to the youth, who otherwise, having completed their schooling or sometime due to financial crunch in the families are school drop outs, are now unemployed and some joining hands with illegal activities.

Courses: Duration and Minimum Qualification

Courses            Duration                     Qualification                  Admission


Fitter                2 years                           Cl X                         August


Electrical           2 year                             Cl. X                      August


Electrical           6 months           minimum 8th pass        January & July

House wiring      6 months           minimum 8th pass        January & July

Rewinding Fan    6 months           minimum 8th pass        January & July

& Pump

Basic Wielding    6 months           minimum 5th pass        January & July

Tailoring Basic    6 months           Minimum 5th pass         January & July

Tailoring Advance  6 months        Minimum 5th pass          January & July

Beautician         6 months           Minimum 5th pass         January & July

Spoken English   6 months           Minimum 8th pass         January & July



For Formal training (Boys + Girls):

         Trainee should be minimum 10th pass

         Trainee should be Mentally and Physically fit

         Must be interested in taking vocational course

         Minimum age should 16 to 35

         Must pass the admission requirement/policies


For Informal training (Boys + Girls):

         Trainee should be from poor section of the society (Income certificate required)

         Trainee should be Mentally and Physically fit

         Must be interested in taking vocational course

         Minimum age should 16 to 35


Admission Requirement/Policies

1.    For interview:  Xerox copy of Certificate of Good Moral Character from the following: Parish Priest/Pastor, High School Principal, High School Class Adviser

2.    For enrollment:  High School Report Card Original Copy

3.    Pass the entrance test and the interview


Documents to be attached with duly filled in Application form for Admission. Self attested photo copies of Educational Qualification Certificate:

1. Mark Sheet (matriculation)

2. Admit Card (matriculation)

3. Certificate for Cast (ST/SC/OBC)

4. Residential Certificate

At the time of Admission the following documents in the orginal have to be submitted:

1.    Mark Sheet (matriculation)

2.    Admit Card (matriculation)

3.    School Leaving Certificate

4.    SIX recent Passport size colored photos

5.      Character Certificate by Parish Priest/Mukhiya/Principal of the school you last studied Medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner

Training Hours:

Monday to Friday:              9.00 AM to 5.00 PM

                                       Lunch Break:      12.30 PM  to 1.30PM

On Saturday:                     9.00 AM to 12.30 PM


Uniform & Outfits: Trainees should have grey trousers and sky blue shirt and also black leather shoes for boys and similar colored salwar-Kurta for girls with grey dupatta, Navey blue apron extending from shoulder to knees.


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