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Nirmala Nursing School


1st Batch students of Nirmala Nursing School completed their nursing course in March 2017 by appearing for their final council exams. All of them passed with distinction the examination conducted by INC, Delhi in Ranchi from 31st January to 6th February 2017. All of them are working in different hospitals. Congrats to them.

2nd Batch students also completed their 1st Year examination conducted by INC, Delhi from 31st January to 6th February 2017. They also passed the examination with distinction.

3rd Batch students arrived Nirmala Nursing School on 18th September 2016. They had the orientation course of 19th September.

They were 20 of them, but unfortunately 6 of them left the course for their personal reasons. Following are the 14 students continuing as ANM students at Nirmala Nursing School.


                        Aarti Murmu                     Asha Khalkho                     Bahamani Jojo                      Bindiya Soren


                    Binita Kullu                          Lalita Murmu                      Philomina Hemrom                Pritilata Hemrom


                        Priyanka Soren                            Ruby Mahato                                 Sanju Kumari                             Savita Murmu


                     Sulochana Kumari                        Tanushree Chakravarti


2nd Year Students wrote their final council exams at RIMS, Ranchi from 27th to 30th November. All of them are employed with different Hospital. Good thing was that many hospitals wanted to employ them and they could select which hospital to go to work.

3rd Batch students appeared for their 1st year’s council exam conducted by Indian Council of India, Delhi at RIMS, Ranchi from 27th to 30th November.

4th Batch students joined Nirmala Nursing School. All 20 of them were welcomed on 11th October 2017. Following are the 20 students of 4th batch.


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