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Damien Social Welfare Centre


in the service of humanity, 1964 onwards

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Dear Alumni,

Alumni students must feel proud in being associated with the DSWC family through education and interactions.  The growth of any institution depends upon the successful stories of those students who got graduated from A.N.M  nursing school, Nirmala, Govindpur and  Damien Vocational Training Center I.T.I A journey of thousands begins with a single step; no matter in whatever ways the challenges and hardships may occur in life one must never give up hopes and goals. Life brings tears, smiles, and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever.

              In the recent past DSWC family joyfully celebrated the 50th year of Jubilee with great humility and gratitude. As Alumni students and Well Wishers we walk together to create a better society through a humble contribution of Time, Talents and Treasure. We all are indebted to one another for the gift of kindness and generosity.

I urge and challenge our cheerful givers to share and help our young boys and girls residing at Leprosy colonies to pursue his/her career through an education in the fields of Nursing school or I.T.I from Kaladih, Damien Vocational Training Centre, Govindpur, DSWC. I have a humble request from all the Alumni students to come and encourage our new comers, nursing students who are ready to be formed and touched by your presence and smiles.

With kind regards,

Fr. Ajay Tiru

Damien Social Welfare Centre, Dhanbad



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