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Damien Social Welfare Centre


in the service of humanity, 1964 onwards

Sponsor a child for her studies and food

Support for the Leprosy Patients

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Baramasia Rehabilitation & Training center (BRTC)

Damien Vocation Training Centre

Job Oriented training for the youth


You will be surprised to know that for many people from leprosy affected families, finding a suitable and sustainable livelihood can be a huge challenge. Old mistaken beliefs still endure, and leprosy can be viewed as a matter of shame and dishonour, long after it has been cured. Employers are often reluctant to offer jobs to anyone known to be associated with the disease, and workers may refuse to work alongside with them. Without help, many fall deeper into the grasp of poverty. This is the very reason we send the graduates for the different training. We have Rehabilitation and Training Centre called Baramasia Rehabilitation & Training Centre (BRTC) manufacturing bed sheets, Bed covers, lunges, bandages, and gauzes to feed 80 families. We provide job oriented vocational training to school dropouts.



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